Empowering Youth! EntreYOUTH Project comes to a successful end – EntreYouth Project

Empowering Youth! EntreYOUTH Project comes to a successful end

Today, we are excited and proud to announce the successful closure of a project that has aimed to make a difference in the training of youth and youth workers in the food context. The EntreYOUTH project, the result of collaboration among partners from four different countries, has come to an end, leaving behind some very valuable results.

Origin of the project

EntreYOUTH arose from a critical need identified in the countries and target groups of the consortium. We recognized a glaring gap in the provision of training and availability of trained youth workers to equip young people with entrepreneurial skills in marginalized “alternative food networks”.

For Youth and Youth Workers
Our focus lies on two key groups: youth and youth workers. The main objective of the EntreYOUTH project has been to develop a transnational training program in the field of non-formal education. Our mission was clear: to promote active citizenship, young people’s active citiesense of initiative and entrepreneurship, including social and environmental entrepreneurship. We wanted to increase the quality, innovation and recognition of young people’s work, as well as promote environmental actions and practices to address the environmental challenges we face.

Significant Results
The EntreYOUTH project yielded the following results:

– Sustainable & circular urban food enterprising (SURFE) curriculum: this curriculum has been designed for youth to serve as an essential tool for training delivered by youth workers.
Youth workers train the trainer toolkit: Aimed at youth workers, juniors and seniors. This kit will help your training have a greater impact.
Community Food-Sharing Cloud Platform: This platform allows the post of food offers and demands, preventing waste and raising awareness about food security and resource availability.
Community Training Event (C1): In this event that has taken place in Jerez de la frontera and Granada, Spain, the project results have been applied directly in young people and youth workers, allowing us to adjust the project results and to contribute to the dissemination of our work.

Online Resources

All these resources, along with more information about the EntreYOUTH project, are available on our website: https://entreyouthproject.eu/.

We invite youth, youth workers and anyone interested in entrepreneurship and sustainability to explore these resources !!

On behalf of the entire team behind EntreYOUTH, we would like to express our thanks to everyone involved in this project. We have come to the end, but the impact of EntreYOUTH will continue well beyond this moment!

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